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Pérez-Maussán, Ana Isabel [1], Calvillo-Canadell, Laura [2], Cevallos-Ferriz, Sergio [3].

Description and identification of leaf imprints from the La Carroza, Eocene La Popa, Nuevo León.

The study of leaf architecture leads to the identification of species of fossil plants, even if this is the only element present. In the Eocene locality of "La Popa", Nuevo Leon, Mexico, where the Carroza Formation crops out, a large number of fossil leaves have been collected, some of which have been identified as members of Myrtaceae, Anacardiaceae, Leguminosae, Rutaceae and Burceraceae. Recently 4 new leaf morphotypes have been studied, wherein a wide variety of character are preserved like their mainly symmetrical lamina, entire or serrated margins, acute and straight apexes, obtuse angled but sometimes asymmetric bases, pulvinus, palmate primary venations, secondary veins mostly semi-craspedodromous, but some craspedodromous, and per current or branched tertiary venations. These morphotypes are suggested to represent members of Leguminosae, Lauraceae and Anacardiaceae. A fifth morphotype has notofilous leaf size, ovate symmetrical lamina, serrate margin, acute or straight apex,convex shaped obtuse base, palmate secondary veins with semicraspedodromous course, straight opposite percurrent tertiary venation, agrophic veins present, and tylate-esferulate (non-specific tissue) tooth apex. Its affinity with Malvaceae is based on a phenetic analysis, which included fossil-like leaves of Euphorbiaceae and Urticaceae. Although the new leaves represent families already known in this locality, the diversity of these increases, but Malvaceae is a group not represented previously in this fossil flora increasing the concept of past diversity in the region.

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1 - Facultad De Ciencias, Paleontology, San Andres Atoto #322-1 Unidad San Esteban Naucalpan, México, N/A, 53550, Mexico
2 - Instituto De Geología, UNAM, Circuito De La Investigación, Ciudad Universitaria, Coyoacan, N/A, 04510, Mexico
3 - Instituto De Geología, UNAM, Department Of Palentology, Ciudad Univwersitaria, Coyoacan, MEXICO D.F., N/A, 01900, Mexico


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Date: Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
Time: 9:00 AM
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