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Whitson, Maggie [1].

Calliphysalis (Solanaceae): A New Genus From The Southeastern USA.

Calliphysalis is one of the newest genera in the Solanaceae and is particularly unusual because it is endemic to the southeastern USA. Formerly Physalis carpenteri Riddell, recognition of this taxon at the generic level is supported by molecular phylogenetic, morphological, and chromosomal data. This nomenclatural change emphasizes the uniqueness of this southeastern U.S. endemic while helping to make Physalis s.s. monophyletic. Molecular data indicates that Calliphysalis is as different from typical Physalis species as other physaloid genera such as Quincula, Leucophysalis, and Tzeltalia. Morphologically, Calliphysalis differs from Physalis in that the plants have clustered flowers and are taprooted perennials. A typical Physalis would have solitary flowers and perennial species would be rhizomatous. Calliphysalis occurs in five states (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi) and is not particularly common anywhere within its range. While most southeastern Physalis species are weedy plants associated with open, highly disturbed areas such as fields, roadsides, and construction sites, Calliphysalis is generally found in disturbed woodland habitats. Particularly in Florida, it is often found in habitats which were untouched by glaciation and now host isolated populations of species more associated with northern climates.

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1 - Northern Kentucky University, Biological Sciences, Science Center 204D, Highland Heights, KY, 41076, USA

physaloid genera.

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Location: Battelle South/Convention Center
Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PRT014
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