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Pteridological Section/AFS

Mckeown, Meghan [1], Sundue, Michael [2], Barrington, David [3].

A molecular phylogeny of seven cpDNA markers supports the inclusion of the Australian monotypic Revwattsia (Dryopteridaceae) in Dryopteris.

Revwattsia fragilis (Watts) D.L. Jones (Dryopteridaceae), originally described as a Polystichum by the pioneer Australian botanist Reverend W.W. Watts in 1914, is a rare epiphytic fern endemic to northeastern Queensland, Australia. Known from only four populations, it is restricted to tropical rainforests in the Atherton Tablelands. We used the cpDNA markers psbA-trnH,rbcL, rbcL-accD, rps4-trnS, trnG-trnR, trnL-trnF, and trnP-petG to trace the relationships of Revwattsia fragilis within the Dryopteridaceae. Based on our molecular analysis, we were able to reject Jonesís 1998 hypothesis of a close relationship to Polystichum. Its closest allies are a suite of Asian Dryopteris species including D. labordei, D. gymnosora, D. erythrosora and D. cystolepidota; maintaining Revwattsia renders Dryopteris paraphyletic. The epiphytic habit and distinctive long-creeping rhizome of Revwattsia appear to be autapomorphies; they should not be used as criteria for recognizing it as a genus. In the course of our investigation we confirmned that paraphyly of Dryopteris is also sustained by the inclusion of Acrophorus (two species), Acrorumohra (two species), Diacalpe (three species), Peranema cyatheoides D. Don., and Arachniodesstandishii (T. Moore) Ohwi. The epithet fragilis is occupied in Dryopteris, so we provide the name Dryopteris wattsii nom. nov. to accommodate R. fragilis in Dryopteris.

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1 - University Of Vermont, Plant Biology, University Of Vermont, 111 Jeffords Hall, Burlington, VT, 05405, USA
2 - University of Vermont, Department of Plant Biology, Dept. of Plant Biology, 111 Jeffords Hall, Burlington, VT, 05405, USA
3 - University Of Vermont, Jeffords Hall, 63 Carrigan Drive, Burlington, VT, 05405, USA


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Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
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