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Jabeen, Riffat [1], Masood, Khan Rass [1], Arshad, Fahim [2].

Angiospermic pollen record from early eocene Ghazij Formation, North East Balochistran, Pakistan.

Ghazij Formation is one of the most significant lithostratigraphic units of Pakistan. This formation can easily be divided into three parts on the basis of lithological characteristics, i.e., Lower, Middle and Upper parts and is mainly composed of dark grey calcareous mudrock, calcareous sandstone, carbonaceous shale, clayey shale, coal and conglomerate. The present investigation documents the relatively rich and diverse microflora of Angiosperms. Important Angiospermic colpate pollen include viz., Cupanieiedites sp. cf. C. orhoteichus, Cupanieidites sp. cf. C. flaccidiformis, Florschuetzia rajpardiensis, Tricolporopollenites microsculptus, Psilatricolpites sagittatus, Plicapollis pseudoexcelsus, Retitricolpites crassireticulatus, Lonicerapollis granulates, Magnoliaepollenites sp. cf. M. ellipticus, Subtriporopollenites sp., Intratriporopollenites sp. cf. I. microreticulaltus, Palaeoaraliaceapites balochistani, Spinozonocolpites echinatus and Arengapollenites clavatus. The recovered palynomorphs have reasonable affinities with dicot families and presence of Sapindaceae, Sonneratiaceae, Combretaceae, Fabaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Magnoliaceae Caryophyllaceae, Tiliaceae, Araliaceae and Arecaceae was recognized. Qualitatively and quantitatively abundant flora shows its affinities mainly with Fabaceae, Magnoliaceae and Combretaceae indicating occurrence and prevalence of these families at the start of Early Eocene Epoch in the Area while Aricaceae and Araliaceae are scantily represented. Presence of such a pervasive and well preserved flora indicates the domination of such an amazing group of plants in the existing ecosystem at the time of deposition of this formation and the generated data has the potential to add significantly to what is known of the evolutionary history of plants.

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1 - University Of Punjab, Botany, Department Of Botany,university Of Punjab,lahore, Lahore,punjab,pakistan, N/A, Pakistan
2 - University of the Education, Department of Botany, Okara Campus, Okara, Pakistan

early eocene

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Date: Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
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