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Dang Khoa , Do Hoang [1], Kim, Jungsung [1], Kim, Joo-Hwan [1].

The complete plastid genome of Veratrumpatulum Loes. (Melanthiaceae, Liliales).

The sequence of chloroplast genome, which is inherited maternally through generations, is believed to contain effective information for molecular phylogenetic analysis of plants. In recent years, many chloroplast genomes of different species have been sequenced to investigate the relationship among taxa in angiosperms. However, only 31of over 250 complete sequences are monocots chloroplast genomes even it includes 24 Poales. We have interested and worked the plastid genome evolution of Liliales, which is a well-defined group in Monocots, for understanding their phylogenetic relationship. In this study, the plastid genome of Veratrum patulum Loes., a member of the family Melanthiaceae of Liliales, is completely sequenced. The circular double-stranded DNA of 153,702bp consists of two inverted repeat regions with 26,360bp each, a large single copy of 83,372bp, and a small single copy of 17,610bp. It contains74 protein-coding genes, 28 distinct tRNA and 4 genes of rRNA. Besides that,there are six hypothetical coding regions (ycf1, ycf2, ycf3, ycf4, ycf15,ycf68) and two open reading frames (orf 42 and orf56). The gene order and content of Veratrum plastid genome are similar to that of Lilium longiflorum(Liliaceae) and Alstromeria aurea (Alstromeriaceae)of the other two families of Liliales.However,the loss of rps19 makes a different content in the inverted repeat regions between Veratrum and Lilium. In general, the complete chloroplast genome of Veratrum patulum, which enlarges the data collection of chloroplast genome, provides more information to explore the evolution among species as well as families within Liliales.

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1 - Gachon University, Dept Of Life Science, 1342 Seongnam-daero, Bokjeong-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, N/A, 461-701, Korea

Plastid genome

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Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PSY034
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