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Terbush, Michael [1], Gahagen, Benjamin [2], Ballard Jr, Harvey [3].

A morphological study of Tovomita weddelliana planchon & triana (clusiaceae) and its taxonomic implications.

Tovomita (Aublet) is a member of the Clusiaceae family, found in tropical South America and the Antilles. The genus is composed of small trees and shrubs, sometimes buttressed or possessing stilt roots. Tovomita can be recognized by one ovule per carpel, distinct stylodia, two sepals that completely envelope the bud, and a vascularized aril-like structure. Tovomita weddelliana is a member of Tovomita's currently estimated 25 species. Morphologically, this variable species can be recognized by oblanceolate, subsessille leaves clustered around the branch apex, with around nine secondary leaf veins per centimeter. Previous phylogenetic research indicated that T. weddelliana is a species complex and is composed of several variants that could be distinct species. This study of T. weddelliana focused on vegetative features obtained from numerous herbarium specimens. Specimens were grouped initially into15 proposed taxa based on observations of qualitative morphological traits. Both quantitative and qualitative morphological data were recorded, and the distinctness or overlap of the provisional groups were tested using a number of canonical variates analyses (CVA), with sequential removal of taxa determined to be distinct at each step. Many predetermined groups were confirmed to be distinct on the basis of several vegetative characteristics, including leaf shape, leaf scar length and width, and leaf apical angle; whereas other groups exhibited a high degree of intermingling and probably should be combined. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of foliage characters to highlight previously undetected or underappreciated morphological diversity, and provides a number of distinctive morphospecies to examine in the near further with molecular markers.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - Ohio University, Department of Environmental and Plant Biology, 317 Porter Hall , Athens, OH, 45701, USA
2 - Ohio University, 317 Porter Hall, Athens, OH, 45701, USA
3 - Ohio University, ENVIR & PLANT BIOLOGY-PORTER H, 315 Porter Hall, Athens, OH, 45701-2979, USA

Multivariate Analyses.

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Location: Battelle South/Convention Center
Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PSY016
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