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Vazquez-Garcia , J. Antonio [1], De Castro, Ernesto [1], Muñiz-Castro, Miguel A. [1], Chazaro-Basañez, Miguel de J. [2].

Neotropical Magnolia (Magnoliaceae): A synopsis, with 25 new species.

A synopsis for Neotropical Magnolia (Magnoliaceae) is presented. Including the 25 new taxa here proposed, 94 % of the species of Magnolia in the New World (109) are Neotropical, occurring from Tropic of Cancer to Tropic of Capricorn. Magnolia section Talauma, subsection Talauma, with 58 species is the richest of all four subsections of Magnoliaceae in the New World, occurring from southwestern Mexico to Parana, Brazil, followed by Magnolia section Magnolia with 23 species (17 Neotropical ones occurring from Mexico to Panama and 6 Nearctic ones, confined to eastern United States), Magnolia section Talauma, subsection Dugandiodendron, with 18 species (occurring from Venezuela to Colombia and Ecuador), and Magnolia section Talauma, subsection Cubenses, with 10 species (confined to the Caribbean). Most of the new species (22) belong to section Talauma subsection Talauma. 25 new species of Neotropical Magnolia are here proposed: nine species from Mexico, M. chazaroi, M. decastroi, M. heribertoi, M. lacandonica, M. lopezobradorii, M. maya, M. ofeliae, M. oaxacensis, and M. sinacacolinii; eigth from Costa Rica: M. cochranii, M. costaricensis, M. guanacastensis, M. inbioana M. multinervia, M. panamericana, M. talamanacana, and M. turrialbana; three from Peru: M. elfina, M. gentryi and M. peruviana, two from Ecuador: M. equatorialis and M. lozanoi; one form Guatemala: M. steyermarkii, one from Honduras: M. atlantida; and one from Panama: M. chiriquiensis. A key to each of the four subsections (Cubenses, Dugandiodendron, Magnolia and Talauma) is provided. The most diverse countries in terms of their Neotropical species of Magnoliaceae are Colombia with 33 species, followed by Mexico with 21 and Costa Rica with 10.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - Universidad de Guadalajara, Herbario IBUG, Instituto de Botánica, Botánica y Zoología-CUCBA, Km. 15.5 carr. Guadalajara–Nogales, Las Agujas, Nextipac, Zapopan, Jalisco, 45110, Mexico
2 - Universidad de Guadalajara, Laboratorio de Biogeografía, Departamento de Geografía-CUCSH, Avenida de los Maestros y Mariano Bárcenas, Guadalajara , Jalisco, 44260, Mexico

Neotropical Magnoliaceae.

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Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
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