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Kim, Chan-Soo [1], Moon, Myung-Ok [2], Kim, Ji-Eun [1], Byun, Gwang-Ok [1].

Phytogeographical characteristics of the flora of Jeju Island, Korea.

In Phytogeography, Korean peninsula belongs to the Sino-Japanese Floristic Region which includes the southern Siberia, Japan, China and some of Himalaya. Jeju Island is a volcanic island in the ocean of Northeastern Asia surrounded by Korean Peninsula, China and Japan. This island actually formed from a volcanic activities from the end of Pliocene Epoch in Cenozoic tertiary period till the historic era. In the late glacial time of about 18,000 years ago, the sea level was about 130m lower than the present, and this island was connected with Korea peninsula, Japan islands, China and Taiwan in a land. At the center of Jeju Island, there is Mt. Halla of 1950m high, which has 360 or so parasite volcanoes. Therefore, the plant distribution is very diverse according to the sea levels and the directions. There are about 2,000 taxa of plants in Jeju Island. As the result of analysis on the phytogeographical characteristics of these plants, it turned out that there are very diverse elements in them. Based on the World geographical scheme for Recording plants distributions, 84.6% of Jeju plants were common with those of Asian temperate, 15.2% with Asian tropical, 13.2% with Europe and 13.1% with Northern America. In the analysis of common factors with adjacent regions, 75.8% was common with Korean Peninsula, 73.4% with Japan, 60.9% with China, 24.7% with Russia, 17.6% with Taiwan, 15.2% with Asian tropical and 5.2% with Mongolia. These phytogeographical characteristics of Jeju Island show how great the influence of vegetation history was on it as well as its geographical location.

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1 - Korea Forest Research Institute, Warm-temperate Forest Research Center, 20 Donnekogil Sanghyodong, Seogwipo, Jeju, 697-050, Korea (R.O.K.)
2 - Cheju National University, Dept. of Biology, Jeju, 690-756, Korea (R.O.K.)

phytogeographical characteristics
Island floras.

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Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PSY044
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