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Simpson, Michael [1], Mabry, Makenzie [2], Beacom, Laura [2], Rebman, Jon [3].

Taxonomy of the winged popcorn flower: Cryptantha pterocarya (Boraginaceae).

Cryptantha pterocarya (Boraginaceae),the winged nut popcorn flower, is distinguished in part by nutlets with marginal wings that are typically distinctly lobed. Three varieties of this species have been accepted in recent treatments: C. p. var. cycloptera, which has four, homomorphic nutlets with the wing entirely encircling the nutlet body; C. p. var. pterocarya,which has heteromorphic nutlets, in which one is unwinged and the other three are winged with the wing not extending at the nutlet base; and C. p. var. purpusii, which has homomorphic or heteromorphic nutlets, with the wing very reduced in width and not extending at the nutlet base. We tested the taxonomic validity and examined the variation of these three varieties of C. pterocarya by examining voucher specimens from numerous herbaria. We quantified differences among specimens by measuring: 1) calyx length; 2) calyx width; 3) corolla limb width; 4) nutlet body length; 5) nutlet body width; 6) nutlet wing width (at widest point); 7) nutletwing width (at apex); 8) nutlet wing width (at base); and 9) gynobase stipe. We also assessed whether nutlets were homomorphic or heteromorphic by measuring these categories separately. All type specimens of the three varieties were examined and quantified, and all specimens were georeferenced for mapping distributions. Principal components analysis and ANOVAs for discrete characters were calculated. Two varieties, var. cycloptera and var. pterocarya, are distinctive and correspond with type morphologies. Variety purpusii is quite variable in some features, but generally falls out as a discrete taxon. However, wenoted two other forms. The "pseudocycloptera" form is similar to var.pterocarya but is homomorphic, with all four nutlets winged. The "truncata" form is similar to var. cycloptera, but is heteromorpic, with the odd nutlet truncate at the base (having no basal wing). These five varieties and forms show some grouping with regard to biogeographic distribution. We conclude that the two new forms of Cryptantha pterocarya may best be treated as additional varieties of the species.

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1 - San Diego State University, Department Of Biology, Department Of Biology, San Diego, CA, 92182, USA
2 -
3 - San Diego Natural History Museum, Department of Botany, P.O. Box 121390, San Diego, CA, 92112

Cryptantha pterocarya

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