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Barkworth, Mary [1], Dyreson, Curtis [2].

Grasses of North America: a new web site.

Towards the end of the last century, Barkworth initiated a web site for North American grasses, using it to make accessible resources being developed for the Flora of North America (FNA) grass volumes. It is basically a static site. Some taxonomic and nomenclatural changes have been made in recent years and some descriptions modified but the line drawings cannot be supplemented with images of living plants, the maps are jpg files drawn from a database that has to be maintained by Barkworth, and the keys are basically those published in the FNA grass volumes or the Manual of Grasses for North America. In July 2012, migration of the information to a new site, one that uses Symbiota software, will be started. This software is already being used for many regional and taxonomic networks in the U.S. and elsewhere. It enables incorporation of multiple images per taxon, remote modification of descriptions, presentation of maps based on records obtained from the ever increasing number of records made available from herbarium databases, dynamic generation of taxon pages, checklists, and identification keys, plus flash card quizzes, a tool that students find useful. Equally importantly, it enables collaborative development of its resources with contributors being clearly identified. The author(s) of all description will be shown with the taxon descriptions. Similarly, the name of the photographer(s) or illustrators will be shown the images. If an amendment to a description is made, the name of the person providing the information and the basis for it will be recorded. Initially, the site will be populated with information from the existing web site, including the static maps. These will be retained for some time so that they can be compared with maps based on herbarium records. This will help highlight dubious identifications which will benefit users as well as those in charge of herbaria. Although intended initially for presentation of information about North America grasses, the site will not be inherently geographically restricted. Indeed, its early development will include information Barkworth has obtained in connection with her research on the Triticeae, Stipeae, and Meliceae. Anyone else interested in becoming a contributor to the site should contact her. The site's resources will be available on a creative commons BY basis. Anyone needing high resolution images or more information will be referred to the appropriate source.

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1 - Utah State University, Department Of Biology, 5305 OLD MAIN HILL, Logan, UT, 84322-5305, USA
2 - Utah State University, Department of Computer Science, 4205 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT, 84322-4205, USA

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Location: Union C/Hyatt
Date: Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
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