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Barca, Valentin [1].

Flower morphology, seed testa and carpological characters in Dobrogean populations of the potentialy medicinal plant Sempervivum ruthenicum s.l. (Crassulaceae) and their taxonomic implications.

Sempervivum is genus belonging in the Crassulaceae family, found in temperate Eurasia and northern Africa and comprising a disputed number of succulent species, some being plants of medicinal and/or spiritual importance well documented since antiquity in both Europe and Asia. Sempervivum ruthenicum s.l is an European endemic complex of taxa, comprising numerous populations distributed between Krymea and C E Russia through S-Romania and the Balkans attributed alternatively mainly to S. zeleborii Schott or S. ruthenicum Koch. This taxonomic complex was traditionaly either lumped together into a conglomerated taxon Sempervivum zeleborii (including S. ruthenicum) as in In Fl. Eur. 1993, or it was split into two distinct species: Sempervivum ruthenicum [s.stricto] and S. zeleborii Schott as per Fl. Eur. 1993 and Atlas Florae Europ vol 12 1999, Therefore the populations belonging to this group of taxa currently classified under S. ruthenicum and S. zeleborii need to be further studied, on the basis of preferably fresh material covering all the range in question. The taxonomic ambiguity surrounding S. ruthenicum is caused partly by the nomenclatural confusion between several yellow-flowered taxa erroneously circumscribed to the species S. globiferum L. To this ads up the lack of rigurosity and intercomparability of the protologues describing the yellow-flowered Sempervivum populations North of Danube. In a wider frame of a longer term biological, pharmacognostic and economic assessment of the Crassulacean taxa native in Romania we gathered morphological data useable in the evaluation of the taxonomic status of the species S. ruthenicum, and also in the diagnosis of this taxon.I present hereby the results of observations on mostly fresh biologic material, belonging to 8 populations located in northern Dobrogea (Macin, Suluc, Piatra Raioasa, Culmea Pricopanului, Muntele Consul, Niculitel) at the southeastern periphery of the range, over 12 vegetation seasons (2000-2011). These results characterize a rather homogenous and compact group of populations according to a great proportion of the characters and constitute a strong reference base for the taxonomic characters distinguishing S. ruthenicum.

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1 - Carol davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy, Bucharest, Romania

Sempervivum ruthenicum
Sempervivum zeleborii Schott
floral morphology

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Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
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