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Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo-Devo)

Zhong, Jinshun [1].

The evolution and expression of CYC-like genes across the order Lamiales.

Floral zygomorphy has evolved several times independently across the phylogeny of flowering plants and may have led to differential diversification rates in several lineages within the angiosperms. CYCLOIDEA-like gene have played a predominant role in patterning of floral symmetry and have been recruited independently multiples. Our study in the order Lamiales shows at least three major separate duplications have occurred within core Lamiales with the one before the higher core Lamiales (HCL)being ancient and the ones in Gesneriaceae and Plantaginaceae being recent. These independent duplications have resulted in at least two copies of CYC-like genes in core Lamiales that have predominantly bilaterally symmetric flowers,while early diverging clades that possess radially symmetric flowers have only one copy of CYC-like gene, which may indicate two-copy of CYC-like genes are needed to maintain floral zygomorphy. This is further confirmed by the fact that loss of one CYC-like paralog in some species is correlated with floral transitions from bilateral symmetry to semi-radial symmetry, while the loss in some other species that was later resurrected by additional recent local duplications have in turn restored the floral zygomorphy. In addition, reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) has shown a differential expression patterns of two CYC-like paralogs within HCL, and interestingly the expression pattern of the CYC-like paralogs in the species that had gene loss and recent resurrected duplication are similar to its sister taxon in which two CYC-like paralogs were derived from an ancient duplication event. TheCYC-like genes in the early diverging Lamiales that have actinomorphic flowers, however, are not expressed transiently in developing petals as in Arabidopsis but also in mature petals.

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1 - Department Of Biology, Research BLDG 223, One University Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, 63121, USA


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Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012
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