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Advertising Options

The Botany 2012 conference organizers invite your company to advertise in the official Botany 2012 publications, which are distributed to all attendees at the conference. The Program is prepared as a spiral-bound book with the entire conference program included. Abstracts will be presented primarily in an electronic format and available for purchase as a hard copy. In addition, each publication will be available on the conference website.

Print Advertising

Each ad ordered for inclusion within the text of a conference publication should be submitted as a camera-ready PDF or as a JPEG, TIFF, or EPS-formatted electronic file with hard-copy. Indicate on the Exhibitor Application the appropriate information for your participation preference.

Size Fee
Full-Page--card stock inside back cover non-bleed, color - $600.00
Full Page--regular paper non-bleed, B/W or color - $400.00
Two or more Full Pages, regular paper non-bleed, B/W or color - $300.00/page
Half-page--horizontal non-bleed, B/W or color - $200.00
Half-page--vertical non-bleed, B/W or color - $200.00

Deadline: The BSA Conference Office must receive the application form and all advertising materials for inclusion within the Publications by May 1, 2012.
*BSA Corporate Members receive free advertising.

Insertions in the Conference Tote Bag - $500.00

The Botany 2012 conference management will arrange to insert your brochure, order form, or handout in the conference packet given to all registrants. The regular fee for inserting materials is for each piece. Materials for insertion should not exceed 9” x 12” in size. Charges for shipping, storage, and delivery to the site of the Conference are the responsibility of the vendor. 1000 copies of all insertion materials must be clearly marked as Botany 2012 Registration Materials and shipped to arrive no later than Friday, July 1, 2012. Please complete the application included in this document and submit it to the BSA Conference Office

Table-top Book Display - $400.00

Purchase an 8’ table showcasing up to 12 publications or journals. Display will not be staffed. Qualifying items may be used for Door Prizes at the All-Society Banquet on Wednesday evening. Materials must be clearly marked Botany 2012 Exhibit Materials and shipped to arrive no later than Friday, July 1, 2012. Please complete the Application and fax it to the BSA Conference Office., (314-577-9515) or use the online application