Botany 2012 Symposia and Colloquia Schedule

Monday, July 9th

Ephedra pollination and other gnetalean oddities

Organizers: Catarina Rydin, Stefanie Ickert-Bond
Sponsored by: ASPT, BSA Systematics Section Section

Are We Having A Broader Impact?

Organizers: Stokes Baker, Santokh Singh, Phil Gibson
Sponsored by: CBA/ABC Teaching Section, BSA Teaching Section

Colloquium - Carnivorous Plants: New Horizons in Hungry Foliage

Organizer:  Douglas W Darnowski
Sponsored by: BSA Physiological  Section, BSA Developmental & Structural Section

Colloquium - Integrative species delimitation: incorporating multiple types of data

Organizer:  Craig Barrett
Sponsored by: ASPT


Growing the Next Generation in Plant Genomics

Organizer: Ashley Egan
Sponsored by: ASPT, BSA Systematics Section, BSA Genetics Section

Water transport in plants at multiple scales: A physiological, ecological, and
evolutionary appraisal

Organizer: Peter J Melcher
Sponsored by: BSA Ecological  Section, BSA Physiological Section


Tuesday, July 10

Colloquium in Honor of John McNeill

Organizers:  Vicki Funk, Warren Wagner, Nicholas Turland
Sponsored by: ASPT, IAPT, BSA Systematics Section

Rhizosphere interactions: the root microbiome

Organizer: Darlene Southworth
Sponsored by:CBA/ABC, BSA Mycololoical Section, BSA Ecological  Section,
BSA Developmental and Structural Section



Where is plant systematics headed in the next ten years?

Organizers: Tod Stuessy, Vicki Funk
Sponsored by: ASPT, IAPT, BSA Systematics Section Section

Ecological interactions affecting the evolution of plant mating systems:
Current research and future directions

Organizers: Rupesh R Kariyat, Jordan Sinclair
Sponsored by: BSA Genetics Section, BSA Ecological  Section

Colloquium - Principles of crucifer evolution

Organizers:  Marcus Koch, Ihsan Al-Shehbaz, Donovan Bailey
Sponsored by: ASPT, BSA Systematics Section

Wednesday, July 11

Transplantations and relocation of species at risk: learning from the past to plan for the future

Organizer: Liette Vasseur
Sponsored by: CBA/ABC Ecological Section, BSA Ecological  Section

Experimental Morphology and Morphogenesis Then and Now: 
A Symposium in Memory of Elizabeth G. Cutter

Organizer: Judy Jernstedt
Sponsored by: BSA Developmental and Structural Section

Colloquium - Evolution on Islands: a colloquium to honor the careers of Daniel Crawford and Tod Stuessy

Organizers:  Mark Mort
Sponsored by: ASPT


Building a High-Resolution, Specimen-Based Picture of Life:
Possibilities and Challenges

Organizers: Austin R Mast, Pamela Soltis
Sponsored by: ASPT, BSA Systematics Section, BSA Ecological  Section

From canonical to new model systems: The future of plant development

Organizers: Arunika Gunawardena, Christian Lacroix
Sponsored by: CBA/ABC Developmental and Structural Section

Colloquium - Orchid Biology: Darwin's Contrivances 150 Years Later

Organizers:  Rafael Arevalo, Kathryn Theiss
Sponsored by: ASPT, BSA Ecological Section

Colloquium - Phenology and Conservation Implications

Organizers:  Kellen Calinger, Jake Weltzin, Dan Herms
Sponsored by: BSA Ecological Section